BioMendics’ scientific advisory board plays an important role guiding our R&D activities. Our advisors bring together expertise in chemistry, biochemistry, dermatology, and health and regulatory policy.

William Eaglstein, MD

Dr. Eaglstein is a past professor and chairman of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Miami, where he is currently chairman emeritus. Since 2004, he worked in industry at Ivax Pharmaceuticals (President of Ivax Derm), Teva and Stiefel Pharmaceuticals (Vice President, Scientific Affairs including Pharmacovigilance) and Stiefel, a GSK company, (Vice President of New Product Assessment and External Research). He is currently an independent consultant and serves as a member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Trial Review Committee for the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) and is a volunteer for the Stanford School of Medicine SPARK program. Dr. Eaglstein has been a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow, Chairman of a Food and Drug Administration Skin Advisory Panel and on the NIAMS Advisory Panel. He continues his involvement in health and regulatory policy and serves on an NIH committee reviewing clinical trial grant applications.

Beno Michel, MD

Dr. Michel is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University. He was the previous director of the dermatology division of University Hospitals. He founded the Cutaneous Pathology & Immunofluorescence Laboratory and created the Michel Transport Solution for immunofluorescent testing of tissues in human and veterinarian medicine that was acquired by AmeriPath in 1996. Dr. Michel also founded Michel Skin Care Enterprises, Inc. and developed a specialty line of creams and lotions over 30 years ago.

Chun-Che Tsai, PhD, Co-Founder

Dr. Tsai is an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Kent State University where he served as Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Dr. Tsai holds 4 patents and has over 100 scientific publications and has been actively researching liquid crystal biologics and other proprietary molecules for 37 years.